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Burgers & Sandwich - Lunch
Bartlett, NH

Lobster Roll


Downeast Maine lobster, mayo, lime cream, and cilantro on a buttered, toasted brioche roll. Served with chips.

Sandwich Burger Mods:add bacon +$2No Lettuce No Tomato No Cheese No bun Gluten Free Bun +$2Add Red Onion +$0.50
Kitchen Remarks:sauce on side dont make extra plate take out just cheese crispy extra sauce add mayo take and bake no sauce take out bar see server allergy online order +$0.50wrap gluten free bun +$1.50cut in half sub roll toasted reg mayo
Options:No Bacon No Beans No Bun No Cheese No cilantro No dressing No cook No green onions No onions No Japs No L&T No tomato No Lettuce No Mayo No Mushroom No olives No peppers No pickle spear No pickle chips No Red onion No Red sauce No Salami No Salsa No parsley No chicken No big matt onions No sauce No lime cream No side No cabbage French Fries

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