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Create Your Own Pizza - Pizza
Bartlett, NH

12" Gluten-Free cheese


Red sauce topped with our special cheese blend. Pick your favorite toppings.

Vegetables:Fresh Basil +$2Black Olives +$2Fresh Garlic +$2Green Peppers +$2Red Onions +$2Jalapeños +$1.50Roasted Red Peppers +$1.50Mushrooms +$1.50Pineapple +$2Baby Spinach +$2Kalamata Olives +$2Tomato Slices +$2Sun-Dried Tomatoes +$2Caramelized Onions +$2
Meats:Pepperoni +$2Sausage +$2Bacon +$2Ham +$2Roasted Chicken Breast +$2BBQ Chicken +$2Buffalo Chicken +$2Seasoned Steak +$2Anchovies +$2
Sauces:BBQ Sauce +$2Pesto +$2Hot Sauce +$2Sriracha +$2
Extra Cheese:Feta Cheese +$2